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Caravan owners may be hit by London emission charges




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Caravan owners may be hit by London emission charges

Caravan owners travelling through London may be impacted by new emission rules in the capital.

Tourers are among the vehicles registered before October 2006 - which also include vans, horse boxes and removal lorries - that will be affected, the Daily Telegraph reports.

These road users may face bills of around £100 a day for driving minibuses anywhere in Greater London.

Efforts to avoid the fees will see motorists having to fit filters at a cost of between £1,800 and £3,500, as well as having to fork out £32 for an annual inspection by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

A spokesman for the Caravan Club - which counts more than half of the UK's touring community as members - stated: "Club members that are within the Zone face costly options to replace or modify their vehicles."

He added failure to do so will result in caravnners paying for storage to keep their tourers out of the affected area.

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