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Caravans star in Top Gear stunt




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Caravans star in Top Gear stunt

Caravans have played a starring role in a stunt for popular BBC motoring show Top Gear.

Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May used a number of tourers in an effort to create train carriages that could run along the restored heritage railway line between Leicester and Loughborough.

Among the vehicles employed was a Bailey Pageant Champagne CD, which they hoped would act as a fast and cheap way of travelling along the only double track in the UK.

It took the team three weeks to prepare two caravan trains - one driven by a Jaguar XJS convertible and the other pulled by an Audi S8 four-wheel drive.

The Jaguar did not have enough traction to move the carriages, but the Audi proved a more-than-capable replacement.

Scenes for the episode were filmed at all four Great Central Railway (GCR) stations - in Leicester North, Rothley, Quorn and Loughborough - across four days.

Peter Haylock, operations manager at GCR, described the experience as "hilarious".

He explained to the BBC: "The buffet car caught fire and there's a spectacular crash at the end. They also filmed from a helicopter and they didn't have to do too many retakes - the crash only took once."

As part of the challenge, Hammond chose to use the stove to cook some chips - a decision that resulted in the buffet car filling up with smoke, while a freight locomotive charged into the rear carriage towards the end of the episode.

The feature is likely to raise the profile of caravans even more, especially as many people will be wondering how they will be able to enjoy a holiday without having the funds available to jet off overseas.

Top Gear is renowned for its celebrity guests, with recent celebrities appearing on the show including Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

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