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F1 driver opens Scottish caravan show




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The Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Leisure Show is set to start in style after the announcement that the ribbon-cutting ceremony would be carried out by one of motor racing's best upcoming drivers. It was revealed that Formula One driver Paul Di Resta would be helping the organisation celebrate its 25th birthday.

Paul is a proud member of the Caravan Club, and so has been seen as the perfect person to go to for opening a show that will help people understand the latest models, best deals in caravan insurance and all the accessories to go with their pride and joy.

Di Resta will launch the event, which is scheduled to run for four days between February 2nd and 5th. He won't be the only F1 star to have graced the halls of the SECC in Glasgow to promote the event, either - last year, Scottish local and fellow caravan enthusiast David Coulthard was the guest of honour.

Speaking to the Caravan Times, Caravan Club marketing director Lawrence Bate said: "Caravans and motorhomes are a huge part of the F1 scene, with them being used by drivers to allow them to stay track-side, and by F1 fans to allow them to follow their favourite sport around the world and stay up close to the action."