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Eco friendly facilities for caravan holidays in Somerset




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Eco friendly facilities for caravan holidays in Somerset

Eco conscious holidaymakers looking for caravan insurance online will be glad to hear that one site in the south west of England has gone out of its way to establish green facilities for caravanners.

Around £80,000 has been invested in eco-friendly facilities at the Cheddar Camping and Caravanning Club site in Somerset, which now boasts new revolutionary amenities.

They include state-of-the-art showers which mix air with water to reduce energy consumption and waterless urinals that break-down waste using bio-friendly products.

People with insurance for caravans can also look forward to enjoying a ventilation system which removes 80 per cent of heat from extracted air, returns it to the washrooms and gets rid of excess humidity if they visit the site.

"Our green facilities have been designed to the highest standard, ensuring all our campers have an enjoyable stay," said franchisee Alan Sefton.

The UK's rich heritage offers rich pickings for tourists on a tight budget, UKinbound recently stated.

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