Why choose Simple?

  • Any Driver cover as standard
  • New for Old cover
  • Discounts for Caravan Club members
  • Spread the cost by Monthly Direct Debit

Frequently Asked Questions

General Caravan Insurance FAQs

Q. Can I pay for my Caravan Insurance by Direct Debit?

A.Yes you can. With Simple Caravan Insurance you can choose to pay securely by Debit/Credit card or by monthly Direct Debit. There will be a small charge for credit when paying by Direct Debit.

Q. Can I choose the level of my Excess?

A.Yes you can. You are able to able to amend your level of Excess to suit your needs and circumstances, which will reduce your premium.

Q. Do you offer New for Old cover?

A. Simple offers New for Old cover for Caravans up to 5 years old. Alternatively, if you’d like a more competitive premium, or your Caravan is over 5 years old then we can cover your caravan on the basis of its Market Value.

Q. Will I be able to renew my Caravan Insurance Policy?

A.Yes. If you've enjoyed the value and protection offered by Simple Caravan Insurance, you can quickly and easily renew you policy online, without re-entering your details all over again.

Touring Caravan FAQs

Q. Who is covered for Towing the Caravan?

A.Anyone who is aged 18 years or older and holds the appropriate valid Driving Licence and if necessary has taken the Car and Trailer Practical Test can tow your Caravan.

Q. Is my Caravan covered when I'm in Europe?

A.Yes. 90 days of cover for travel in Europe is included as standard. You can also upgrade your cover to get up to 220 days of cover if you wish.

Q. Do you offer Accidental Damage cover?

A.Yes we do. Accidental Damage cover for your caravan is included as standard with all policies.

Static Caravan FAQs

Q. Can other people use my Static Caravan?

A.Yes of course. Friends and Family are able to use your Caravan, just as long as they have your express permission to do so.

Q. If my Caravan is damaged and needs to be moved, will Simple Caravan Insurance cover the costs?

A.If your Caravan is damaged and needs repairs carried out that can't be done on-site, Simple will help with the costs of getting the van taken away for repair and returning it to you once all the work has been completed.

Q. Are the Contents of my Caravan covered by my insurance?

A.Yes, If you'd like them to be. You can get up to £10,000 of Contents cover by selecting this option when you buy your policy.

If you still have a question that you'd like the answer to, we're only an e-mail away.

Please contact us on one of the e-mail addresses below and we'll be happy to help.

If you are new to Simple Caravan Insurance

If you've yet to buy a policy from us but have a question before you go ahead mail us at: enquiries@simplecaravaninsurance.co.uk

If you are already a Simple Caravan Insurance customer

If you have a query regarding your existing policy or logging in to your account mail us at: admin@simplecaravaninsurance.co.uk

If you are already a customer and have a query regarding your Direct Debit payment please contact Close Brothers on 0870 243 0026. Please note that this helpline is for Direct Debit payment queries only and Close Brothers will unfortunately not be able to answer your general policy cover queries. Opening Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 12 noon Saturday.

Need to make a claim ?

For more information; see the Making a Claim section.