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Caravan Insurance Brokers

When looking for Caravan Insurance quotes, some caravan owners enlist the services of a Caravan Insurance Broker.

Caravan Insurance Brokers search the market on behalf of their client to find them a variety of policies that suit their needs and budget. Some Brokers work independently and check policies from across the entire market, others, sometimes known as tied Brokers, will represent a range of products and services from a particular insurance provider (or providers).

Remuneration for the Broker comes in the form of either a fee charged to the client, or a commission paid by the company with whom a policy is eventually purchased (particularly in the case of tied Brokers).

One of the main benefits of using a Caravan Insurance Broker is simplifying the process of buying a policy.

However, the advent of the internet has allowed some companies to offer fast, efficient and easy to use services online. It has also opened up the opportunity for price comparison and aggregator sites to enter the market so that caravan owners can compare a variety of insurance products at the same time.

Cutting out the middle man

Going online can help you to save time. At Simple, we cut out the middle man by giving control straight to our customers. Visitors to the Simple Caravan Insurance website can get an insurance quote for their Touring or Static Caravan in just two minutes. What’s more, our interactive quote system enables customers to tailor the level of cover to meet their own requirements, helping them to get the cover that they need.

Saving you time

Our fast and efficient service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing visitors to get quotes at any time of the day. We also offer easy to use guides for each of our products giving a one page overview of the policy being offered; making it quick and easy to see the cover we provide.

Good news for existing customers

Existing customers of Simple Caravan Insurance also get many benefits from our online presence, including the ability to view, amend and renew their policy online with ease no matter where they are or what the time is as long as they are online. To make our services even more accessible, our website can also be accessed via a variety of mobile devices including Smartphones such as the IPhone.

Keeping prices down

To make sure that we remain competitive, we continuously check our prices against the competition and publish the results on our website. You can see our Caravan Insurance comparison table here.

To find out how much you could save on your Touring or Static Caravan Insurance, click here to get a quote in just two minutes.

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