Touring Caravans

Touring Caravans are classed as those caravans that can be hitched to the back of any regular road vehicle and towed.

The first Touring Caravan to be built was reputedly 'The Wanderer', which was built by Dr William Gordon Stables in 1885 and apparently the first time a Touring Caravan was towed by a car instead of a horse was in 1919.

According to the National Caravan Council there are now around 498,000 Touring Caravans in the UK.

There has been a significant growth in caravanning in recent years, partly because the quality of caravans and caravans sites have improved greatly, giving caravanning a much wider appeal.

If you're excited about Touring Caravans and are going to start looking for your first van, here's a few things you might want to consider:

  • Do your research - Don't just visit your local Touring Caravan dealer; take a look at some of the popular caravan magazines and the classified ads you'll find in the back of some of them.
  • Get all the documentation - Any good Touring Caravan should have a regular service history, so ask to see this and the Caravan Registration Identification Scheme (CRiS) registration document
  • Outstanding finance - Check through the Caravan Registration Identification Scheme that there is no outstanding finance.

We hope that you enjoy your new Touring Caravan. Don't forget to get caravan insurance to protect your new pride and joy.

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