Holidaymakers 'must pick right caravan' for success

If you want to get yourself out and about, exploring the British Isles and beyond this summer with your own flexible schedule, then a caravan is the way to go. Wherever you go, you must ensure that you have the right caravan, according to a new report - otherwise your best-laid plans may never play out as you want them to. 
This is according to David Williams, an award-winning motoring journalist in conversation with the Daily Telegraph. He explained that you have to consider how much your car can tow in the first place - if you have a Ford Mondeo, Mr Williams argued, then you'll be able to tow a must more extensive range of caravans that smaller cars would have trouble with. 

After investing in a solid caravan insurance policy, it's recommended that people consider taking a towing course, which are run by the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club. Members get a discount, while the courses themselves take place around the UK. Addressing key issues like cover loading and setting up a caravan, as well as hitching up and manoeuvring in confined spaces, it may be the most important training you do. "I tried their day course in Coventry and found it excellent," Mr Williams added.