02 June 2015

Caravanners over the moon with VW Tiguan in Simple Caravan Insurance Tow Car Awards 2015

The Volkswagen Tiguan has been voted best overall Tow Car in the Simple Caravan Insurance Tow Car Awards 2015 which had more than 800 respondents, with the Mitsubishi Shogun and Skoda Superb taking second and third places.

19 March 2015

Time-touring: a writer's guides to the history of caravanning

Most people have a dream job, whether it be racing driver, airline pilot or astronaut. But ever since childhood, leading caravan historian Andrew Jenkinson has wanted nothing more than to work with the beloved touring holiday homes.

25 October 2014

The Simple Guide to preparing your caravan for Winter

With October nearly at an end and the beginning of a chill to the air outside, it may be time to start thinking about the storage of your touring caravan over the coming winter months. Being unattended and unused for a few months, coupled with the harshness of winter weather, can lead to numerous problems for your caravan, and you, if the relevant preparations are not made.

16 October 2014

5 useful tips before setting off on your first caravanning holiday

So you have chosen and purchased your first ever caravan and no doubt are very excited about setting off on your first trip away. Although the excitement may mean you just want to pack up, jump in your caravan and go, there are a few quick, but important, checks we suggest you carry out first.

11 October 2014

Creating Happier Campers

A Los Angeles based father and son team who've built up a business around renovating eco-friendly and ultra-light caravans (or "travel trailers") - the perfect accompaniment to a glorious Californian sunrise.

10 October 2014

Building a lovable office and guest space

Cassie is a thrifty lifestyle blogger who can be found at cassiefairy.com; her caravan restoration story starts with her love for the kitsch and vintage styling of the mid-century. Sprite caravans are amongst the most iconic designs of the 1940s and 50s, so one of these neat, lightweight little 'vans represented the perfect opportunity for Cassie to kick-start her first project. Find out how she turned a £100 shell into the stylish headquarters of her blog and business.

08 October 2014

The Simple Caravan Insurance Guide: What to consider when buying your first touring caravan

Buying your first touring caravan is an exciting and also, at times, daunting experience. With so many different makes, models and styles to choose from, finding the right caravan for you will take considerable time and research. Owning a caravan is a great investment so it is worth spending that extra time doing the research at the beginning. To help you make your decision we have put together the following short guide with a few key points to consider.

15 July 2014

Top Five Short Break Caravan Spots in the UK

For those who wish to take their caravans out for a short break, perhaps even for just for one night only, there are a some fantastic locations throughout the country that offer perfect little holidays.

15 July 2014

Caravan advice for festival goers

It is a growing trend among festival goers to share the costs of camping by taking a caravan or two to some of the UK's leading festivals. With Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, and Deer Shed Festival all offering room for caravans, it is important that people are prepared for when they arrive at these great places. So what advice is there for first time caravan goers?

29 October 2013

Best Caravan Towing Cars Revealed

Simple Caravan Insurance have teamed up with Motoring.co.uk to bring you the results of our first annual best caravan towing car survey. Our survey via www.motoring.co.uk asked caravan owners to vote on their favourite towing car and brand rating it against five key performance factors including towing power, stability, comfort, economy and traction.

09 August 2013

Swift announce new 2014 Sterling Sport Collection Design

Swift have unveiled their new designs for the Sterling Eccles Sport Collection that intends to set it apart from their other main caravan range, the Swift Challanger Sport.

15 July 2013

Five Great Caravan Parks For Families

When choosing the right caravan park for you and your family there are often lots of things to consider. Follow our simple guide to five great choices and you will find it easy to make the right decision for you.

15 July 2013

British caravan holidays

A caravan holiday is the perfect choice for an affordable yet fun-packed family holiday anywhere in the British Isles. Caravan parks offer lots to see and do for both you and the kids, and let you get out into the great outdoors without having to leave your favourite creature comforts behind.

15 July 2013

Caravanning In Britain

A caravan holiday is the perfect choice for an affordable yet fun-packed family holiday anywhere in the British Isles. Caravan parks offer lots to see and do for both you and the kids, and let you get out into the great outdoors without having to leave your favourite creature comforts behind.

09 July 2013

10 great European caravan parks

With caravan holidays becoming increasingly popular, there's a huge range of campsite destinations to choose from when booking your getaway. The sheer amount of choice available can make settling on a destination tricky, so we've compiled a list of ten great European caravan parks to help give you some ideas. Whether taking the caravan for a romantic weekend away, or spending a fortnight in Europe with the whole family, our list brings together some wonderful sites to visit, and some beautiful countries to explore.

01 July 2013

The ultimate kitsch caravan

Jenny's moongazingcat.com offers many different services - you may simply be looking for a suitably magical name for your new feline friend (we recommend 'Marmite', or 'Kissy Kiss') - or perhaps you're in the market for some handmade jewellery, or even a tarot reading? It comes as no surprise, then, that such a multi-talented person has also turned their hand to the art of Caravan renovation.

15 June 2013

Simple Insurance Move to New state of the art Home

The new waterside offices with astonishing views will be located at the Lakeside, Doncaster, the new modern offices based on the water front overlooking the lake. QuayPoint is situated in one of the most prestige locations in Doncaster.

01 June 2013

A budget transformation

Our next featured caravan renovation mastermind is Melbourne-based Yvette Wilson, who writes on the topics of lifestyle and interiors at thestylistsplash.com.au. Yvette had just 3 weeks and $2000 to turn dark, dingy interiors into somewhere her family (including three children) could use as a launching pad for holiday adventures.

10 September 2012

Are neglected roads putting your caravan insurance at risk?

Sometimes, you can't always protect your beloved touring caravan from its surroundings. This certainly seems to have been proved this month, after a recovery organisation highlighted the dangers that poorly-maintained roads are presenting to cars - though it failed to mention how they could undermine caravans, too.

06 September 2012

Caravan Club sees resurgence in visits and interest

Caravanning really is hitting a high in the UK this year, if the most recent announcement is anything to go by. Enquiries on the Caravan Club's website exceed one million in one month, which has "delighted" the organisation in July.

22 August 2012

NCC Events cancel caravan show's return to ExCeL in 2013

NCC Events has announced that it will not use the world-leading facilities at ExCeL London for its much-loved Motorhome, Caravan & Camping Show in 2013 - a decision that has not been taken lightly by the organisation.

17 August 2012

Fastest ever motorhome breaks world record

Most drivers want to go fast, yet if they're a motorhome or caravan owner, chances are they never really get the opportunity - if they're indulging their passion, at least. However, one company in Germany has gone above and beyond to prove that people may be able to hit ridiculous speeds on a motorhome holiday - that is to say, with the right equipment.

27 July 2012

Carbon monoxide warning for caravan owners

The threat of carbon monoxide (CO) is still one of the biggest worries for any caravan owner, however new their mobile or static home is. One expert in the industry has reminded caravan insurance customers to protect themselves from this silent killer.

22 July 2012

A look at 'Extreme Caravanning'

Breaking records, crossing new boundaries and turning into mad contraptions, caravans are the next big thing.

Keep reading... and take a walk on the wild side of caravanning.

17 July 2012

Vehicle safety to improve in the EU?

Caravans could become part of an upcoming initiative to improve the standards of road safety in Europe. The European Commission, noting that five people die on Europe's roads every day due to the technical failure of their vehicles, has announced that it is adopting new regulations to improve testing of cars, lorries and more.

03 July 2012

Caravan owners reminded of power problems

Many people have been there: you head out on holiday in your caravan and have all the creature comforts packed, but after a little while none of them work anymore, because battery problems mean you can't run everything at once.

07 June 2012

Caravan owners warned of carbon monoxide BBQ dangers

The founder of charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness has called for greater awareness among caravan owners of the dangers of carbon monoxide produced by barbecues. Lynn Griffiths said that many caravan insurance customers were unaware of the potential dangers associated with using these cooking options in the likes of campervans, tourers and even static caravans.

29 May 2012

Teachers 'most likely professionals to own a caravan'

Teachers are the most likely people to tow a caravan, according to new research released this month. The Trading Floor, which is part of Callcredit Information Group, is in charge of the UK's largest database of caravan insurance data, allowing it to understand trends and facts about the 8.8 million motorists on our roads at present.

28 May 2012

First, the world's smallest caravan. Now, the loudest ever bike horn?

The Environmental Transport Association is on a mission to make a point of a few things that affect road users - and has just unveiled the world's loudest bike horn as its latest achievement.

12 April 2012

TyreSafe: Caravans and motorhomes need checking

Easter's nearly here, though there are a few things that caravan insurance customers need to check if they're going to avoid the possibility of a claim, given that the long weekend is regularly seen as one of the first-ever chances to use a motorhome. 

22 March 2012

Caravans targeted for tax changes in Budget

It is not the best news for caravan owners around the UK. Much like fans of cigarettes, pasties and bacon rolls, the annual Budget has seen Chancellor George Osborne announce a number of changes to the tax system, meaning that several previously un-taxed items are now falling foul of new levies. 

20 March 2012

Holidaymakers 'must pick right caravan' for success

If you want to get yourself out and about, exploring the British Isles and beyond this summer with your own flexible schedule, then a caravan is the way to go. Wherever you go, you must ensure that you have the right caravan, according to a new report - otherwise your best-laid plans may never play out as you want them to. 

09 March 2012

NI police offers caravan safety tips

To avoid claiming on a caravan insurance policy any time in the near future, it's worth taking into account a few top tips to protect your asset. Luckily, Judith Lavery - a crime prevention officer in Northern Ireland - has offered advice to locals and Britons alike, ensuring that caravans are properly secured when they aren't occupied. 

01 March 2012

Man buys back self-made caravan after 50 years apart

A man has recently been reunited with a long-lost friend after nearly 50 years apart. The Daily Mail reported that Frank Holgate, a holiday park owner in the north-west, bought a caravan he built in 1963 after a friend spotted it by chance when having a browse on eBay. 

25 February 2012

Static caravans 'increasingly bought new'

A leading provider of static caravans has revealed that there has been a major shift in the way caravans are being bought up and down the UK. Park Resorts explained that while there was a 21 per cent increase in the sales of new static caravans in the last 12 months, though used caravan sales dropped during the same period. This signals the fact that caravan owners are beginning to understand their buying habits. 

11 February 2012

"Coolest caravan ever" explained

If you're firmly of the belief that caravans are not moving with the times and you need something completely new and eye-opening to sway your judgement, a Czech engineering student may have just created something that will finally win you over and have you looking into caravan insurance in a matter of minutes.

07 February 2012

Caravan industry is 'resilient and confident'

While there are always plenty of stories about how the volatile property market could be affecting the interests of caravan insurance customers in the UK, a new report has gone against this often-established grain and highlighted how recent caravan and holiday park transactions has underlined the sector's confident and resilient approach.

02 February 2012

Caravan electrics to be 'major part' of revised MOT

People who want to have a roadworthy motorhome or trailer that qualifies for caravan insurance in the coming months have been told that they ought to expect more from the upcoming MOT test, as a number of new mandatory test items have been added to the list.

19 January 2012

More people 'choosing caravans for holidays'

In light of a still-worrying economic outlook for 2012, one leisure sector is clearly doing very well for itself: caravanning. The Caravan and Motorhome Show is to open this month and will provide some fantastic reasons for people to use these mobile homes as a central part of their holiday. The Manchester Evening News looked into the trend that will be hosted by the aforementioned event.

02 January 2012

Holiday demographics in the UK 'continue to evolve'

While many people renew their caravan insurance in order to take their kids on a cheap but very cheerful trip around Britain - often doing a channel hop to sample the delights of the continent - it seems that children of a younger age are getting their fill of holidays further afield.

29 December 2011

Many Brits enjoy festive caravan trip

Many Brits are using the Christmas break to head off on a domestic trip, new figures have shown.

22 December 2011

'Take care' when towing caravans this winter

Towing a caravan may seem like a tricky prospect for those not used to doing so when the weather is pleasant and settled, but the idea of pulling a tourer along when the roads are hazardous can be a whole new ball game.

12 December 2011

Pub's caravan park extension 'will aid tourism'

The extension of a camping and caravanning park at a pub in Bolam, County Durham would serve to boost tourism in the area.

24 November 2011

Caravan shows 'a must' for first-time buyers

Domestic holidays are gaining in popularity, with increasing numbers realising the benefits to be had - such as financial savings - when vacationing in the UK, as opposed to jetting off overseas.

21 November 2011

Study finds 6.5k people live in Lincolnshire caravans

More than 6,500 people spend part or all of the year living in caravans on the Lincolnshire coast.

07 November 2011

The benefits of winter caravan storage

The onset of winter is likely to see most caravan owners packing their tourers away until the warmer weather resumes again in 2012 - yet the question of what to do with your vehicles over this time should be answered sooner rather than later.

02 November 2011

Caravanning 'helps people explore the great outdoors'

Individuals who enjoy caravan holidays are likely to get the opportunity to explore the great outdoors when on these domestic vacations.

31 October 2011

Caravan owners 'should be vigilant at all times'

Caravan owners need to be vigilant at all times as thieves could pounce at unexpected moments, an occurrence that has happened to one owner travelling through Scarborough - a popular destination among domestic vacationers due to its numerous beaches.

20 October 2011

Caravans may provide cost-effective holidays

Individuals who invest in a caravan could find themselves better off financially when considering the amount they spent on breaks.

28 September 2011

Prepare your caravan for winter

With the sunny weather drawing to a close and the temperature beginning to dip, caravan owners may not have too many more opportunities to take their tourer on the road again this year.

16 September 2011

Caravan insurance 'is essential'

Individuals looking to purchase a caravan should make sure they get adequate insurance for the vehicle sooner rather than later.

02 September 2011

Some cars 'are not suitable' for towing caravans

Not all cars are rated as suitable for towing caravans, it has been claimed.

31 August 2011

Caravanners warned of barbeque dangers

Caravanners in the UK have been warned of the dangers of using barbecues while on domestic holidays following an incident near Newquay.

03 August 2011

Caravan insurance 'affected by storage arrangements'

A person's caravan insurance policy can be affected by the tourer's storage arrangements, it has been suggested.

31 May 2011

Buying your first tourer

With the popularity of caravan holidays in the UK on the rise, it is clear that more and more people will be on the lookout for a new tourer.

28 April 2011

Caravans ideal for surfers?

Caravans could prove the vehicle of choice for surfers wanting to make the most of the British summer this year, as it has been noted the vehicles can take enthusiasts closer to the water.

27 April 2011

Brits 'falling in love' with caravan holidays

Britons appear to be increasingly favouring caravan holidays ahead of vacations abroad, judging by the results of a new survey.

29 March 2011

Stealth Caravans 'can be used all year round'

Individuals looking for a tourer that can be used all year round may find the models from Stealth Caravans fit the bill.

28 March 2011

Matthew McConaughey reveals caravan collection

Matthew McConaughey has revealed his enthusiasm for caravanning and spoken of the pride he feels for his vehicle collection.

01 March 2011

Simple Sponsors Halifax RLFC

Simple Caravan Insurance is very pleased to announce that it is sponsoring Halifax RLFC, the Co-operative championship rugby league club for the 2011 season.

31 December 2010

Four-wheel drive cars 'are better for towing caravans'

People with touring caravan insurancewho are on the lookout for a new car may wish to consider a four-wheel drive, following recent comments.

10 September 2010

Why Auto Sleepers caravans could appeal to consumers

The first ever range of Auto Sleepers caravans are set to be launched, coinciding with October's NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show.

08 September 2010

Google Street View caravan thief arrested

One of the strangest cases of theft ever recorded in the UK has been back in the spotlight after a man was arrested over a caravan disappearance in the East Midlands.

31 August 2010

Caravanning 'an affordable and eco-friendly way to explore'

Those who secure a caravan insurancedeal can look forward to affordable and environmentally-friendly holiday experiences, it has been suggested.