Why Auto Sleepers caravans could appeal to consumers

The first ever range of Auto Sleepers caravans are set to be launched, coinciding with October's NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show.
And the verdict of Holly Tribe in CaravanTimes.co.uk might attract the attention of caravan insurance customers seeking a new vehicle in the months ahead.

She noted that the company are "diversifying and branching out into the touring caravan field", given the strength of the market as a whole.

From the beginning of October, buyers will be able to select from the AS Caravans range, with another edition planned for February 2011.

Ms Tribe suggested that the business will target its vehicles at "the higher end of the market".

The models set to arrive are called Mayfair, Kensington and Grosvenor, with all three versions being single axle tourers.

Elsewhere, Marcus Dubois in the same publication recently highlighted the popularity of the latest options from Swift Caravans.

He noted that the Lawns Caravan Show at Cottingham witnessed £3.5 million worth of sale for its range.

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