Brits 'falling in love' with caravan holidays

Britons appear to be increasingly favouring caravan holidays ahead of vacations abroad, judging by the results of a new survey.
Carried out by Rough Guides, the study revealed many families are choosing domestic tourer getaways - and not simply because monetary constraints mean they are unable to afford trips further afield, the Caravan Times reports.

The poll revealed more than a third of those questioned (35 per cent) are planning on holidaying within the British Isles this year - with popular caravanning resorts such as Devon, Cornwall and Blackpool among many people's top choices.

Despite current economic uncertainty, just 14 per cent claimed they were refraining from travelling abroad for financial reasons, while only 13 per cent said it is easier to remain in Britain.

Recent research carried out by the Camping and Caravanning Club showed that outdoor holidays have the ability to make people happier and can bring them closer to their friends and families.

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