Caravan electrics to be 'major part' of revised MOT

People who want to have a roadworthy motorhome or trailer that qualifies for caravan insurance in the coming months have been told that they ought to expect more from the upcoming MOT test, as a number of new mandatory test items have been added to the list.

In a new report from the Caravan Times, one of the new tests will regard the trailer and caravan electrical socket, which will involve mechanics testing the basic security and damage of 7-pin sockets; full electrical connectivity checks will also be carried out on 13-pin sockets.
Ultimately, this safety move is to make certain that electrics are hooked up correctly, and if these are not working then it will fail an MOT and will not be allowed to stay on the road until it is fixed.
The Department for Transport explained that these mandatory checks to all MOTs will apply to any tests that come after January 1st 2012, and the move is to ensure that the UK's testing process is aligned to those in Europe.
Motor caravans currently cost £54.85 to run through an MOT - the same price for a regular car and under the same Class 4 category.