Caravan insurance 'is essential'

Individuals looking to purchase a caravan should make sure they get adequate insurance for the vehicle sooner rather than later.
Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive at the British Insurance Brokers Association - whose membership includes around 1,700 regulated companies - has noted the value of tourers means it is essential people search for the right cover.

The industry figure explained it is a common mistake that caravan owners often go for the cheapest policies available.

This can be a dangerous tactic to follow as people are likely to be best served choosing protection that suits their individual needs - such as whether or not they require cover for holidaying overseas.

Mr Trudgill added: "I think it is important to get good advice when you buy insurance to ensure it meets your needs."

He noted people would be wise to seek advice to learn more about the different types of cover available and the best choices within each category.

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