Caravan insurance 'affected by storage arrangements'

A person's caravan insurance policy can be affected by the tourer's storage arrangements, it has been suggested.
Paul Scanlon, director of - which compares cover policies for touring and static caravans, among other vehicles - noted such space can play an important role in determining the quotes owners are given.

The industry figure claimed security devices also need to be declared when obtaining insurance, adding: "Some insurers have very specific security requirements that need to be fulfilled for cover to be in force - always check the theft terms and exclusions."

Indeed, having certain security features in place - such as a wheel lock and an alarm - may result in considerable discounts.

People heading abroad may also want to check whether or not their policies cover them for travel overseas, as some are restricted to the UK only, Mr Scanlon observed.

However, Kim Blythe, public relations executive at the Camping and Caravanning Club, recently suggested many people are finding domestic caravan holidays much cheaper than vacations in other countries.

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