Caravan owners reminded of power problems

Many people have been there: you head out on holiday in your caravan and have all the creature comforts packed, but after a little while none of them work anymore, because battery problems mean you can't run everything at once.

Now that caravan insurance policies are forced to cover more for caravans and campers - many are fitted with LED lighting, flat screen televisions and sound systems, for example - these electronics now place an unprecedented amount of pressure on batteries. That's where CTEK come in, giving friendly advice to people who want to enjoy their standard of indoor living in the great outdoors.

The company explained that smart battery chargers are brilliantly able to meet the demands of modern gadgetry, and don't require specialist expertise to operate. What's more, they are able to stay connected for long stretches of time and maintain an appropriate charging level, turning on and off as needed.

Head of brand at CTEK Jan-Ulf Soderberg said: "As millions of people around the world set out on their caravan holidays this summer, they are probably not thinking about the electrical requirements of the complicated machinery in their vehicles. It is something that is commonly taken for granted, until it is too late."