Caravan owners 'should be vigilant at all times'

Caravan owners need to be vigilant at all times as thieves could pounce at unexpected moments, an occurrence that has happened to one owner travelling through Scarborough - a popular destination among domestic vacationers due to its numerous beaches.
The driver of the tow car pulled over into a layby after noticing one of the holiday vehicles' tyres had a puncture, the Scarborough Evening News reports.

However, after removing the wheel and tyre and taking them to get repaired, he returned 20 minutes later to discover the tourer had been stolen.

No sign of the caravan - which is a single axle Ace Jubilee Viceroy model in an off-white colour - was to be found when the motorist searched for clues as to where it might have gone.

Police are now appealing to anybody with any information on the incident to come forward.

The robbery goes to show caravan owners need to be on the lookout for would-be thieves at all times and should take measures to ensure the vehicles are as secure as they can possibly be.

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