Caravan shows 'a must' for first-time buyers

Domestic holidays are gaining in popularity, with increasing numbers realising the benefits to be had - such as financial savings - when vacationing in the UK, as opposed to jetting off overseas.
As such, more people are looking to get their hands on a caravan that will enable them and their family to hit the road whenever they like.

However, with so many models out there, how will individuals know what type of tourer to purchase?

Mike Buttigieg, executive producer of The Caravan Channel - which aims to keep enthusiasts abreast of all the latest industry news through reviews of the latest tourers, motorhomes and campsites - reckons a caravan trade show is the perfect place to find the ideal vehicle.

The expert described such exhibitions as "a must" for all first-time caravan buyers, as the gatherings will be bristling full of information for anyone deciding on the caravan they want to snap up.

One of the biggest benefits of attending such an event is the expert advice that is on-hand to make sure customers choose a tourer that is most suited to their individual needs.

Mr Buttigieg observed: "Apart from giving visitors the chance to see all the newest caravans and accessories, it also puts them in touch with real expertise from the people on the stands."

He explained would-be buyers can ask these specialists all the questions they want and in person - which has advantages over doing similar via the internet or over the phone.

Speaking face-to-face makes the whole process that little bit more personal and doesn't require holding for an operator or any other obstructions.

As well as the manufacturers, a whole host of fellow enthusiasts will be attending the showcase - people who will be pleased to offer hints and tips when it comes to entering the caravan market for the very first time.

Mr Buttigieg stated: "The added value is in meeting some of the really experienced caravanners working the stands - who are always more than happy to talk about any aspect of caravanning and to share the benefit of their experience."

On top of all the expert advice available at the meets, visitors can expect a whole host of other aspects to help them get a better understanding of what it's like and what it takes to become a true caravanner.

These events tend to feature all the latest models coming onto the market, as well as the upgrades people can make to their existing vehicles.

In addition, a number of product demonstrations will give individuals a better idea of the items on offer, which should help them make their mind up when it comes to purchasing.

Those wishing to start the new year with a new tourer might want to get the ball rolling with a visit to the Caravan and Motorhome Show in Manchester, which is taking place between January 19th and 22nd and has been selected by Mr Buttigieg as a good place to start for budding caravanners eager to learn more about the industry.