Caravanning 'an affordable and eco-friendly way to explore'

Those who secure a caravan insurancedeal can look forward to affordable and environmentally-friendly holiday experiences, it has been suggested.
Marcus Dubois, editor of, said there are a number of plus points associated with embarking on such excursions.

"A caravan purchase is a statement of intent and can be considered a lifestyle choice," he said.

Mr Dubois pointed out that a study by Lancaster University indicated that two people undertaking such a holiday typically produce 4kg of carbon dioxide per night, compared with the 500kg emitted by people on a return flight to Spain.

He added that owning such a vehicle means "you save money as well" as "it tends to increase the number of holidays you can take every year".

Meanwhile, many holidaymakers will be arranging their plans to attend the Caravan Extravaganza 2010 showpiece scheduled to take place between September 4th and 5th.

It will be held at The Lawns in Cottingham, east Yorkshire, and will involve the unveiling of a series of new models.

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