Caravans ideal for surfers?

Caravans could prove the vehicle of choice for surfers wanting to make the most of the British summer this year, as it has been noted the vehicles can take enthusiasts closer to the water.
Taranaki Daily News reports that this is what has been witnessed in New Zealand, as a tourer is being used to help keep judges on top of the action at Taranaki's beaches.

The New Zealand Community Trust has funded the caravan and Craig Williamson, executive officer at Surfing Tarankai - which owns the vehicle - said the model was a similar design to that used by the Maori Bay Boardriders Club at Muriwai Beach.

He explained: "We heard a lot of positive feedback about the one they've got up there which convinced us it would be a good idea."

One caravan surfing lovers may want to consider is the Knaus Sport and Fun, which the Caravan Times recently described as being perfect for the outdoors.

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