Caravans may provide cost-effective holidays

Individuals who invest in a caravan could find themselves better off financially when considering the amount they spent on breaks.
According to Claire Parsons, director at Peak Leisure Vehicles, they give families the freedom to go around the country with all the modern conveniences they would wish for.

"Customers realise buying a motorhome is a cost-effective holiday solution," she said.

Her comments follow the company's exhibition at the Birmingham NEC International Motorhome and Caravan Show, which took place on October 11th-16th.

Particularly popular models came from Bentley Motorhomes and Ms Parson announced the show was an "amazing success" due to the strong interest in such vehicles.

Enthusiasts and novices alike congregated at the venue in order to learn more about the industry, she added.

A tourer that is likely to attract even more attention over the coming months is the Elemment Palazzo from Marchi Mobile, which it recently emerged costs £1.9 million and includes luxury features such as a pop-up roof terrace.

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