Carbon monoxide warning for caravan owners

The threat of carbon monoxide (CO) is still one of the biggest worries for any caravan owner, however new their mobile or static home is. One expert in the industry has reminded caravan insurance customers to protect themselves from this silent killer.

Andy Leech, an expert in caravan insurance, said it was time for people to check their prized possessions for any leaks, using simple devices and fitting detectors. However, the latter can only detect large amounts of gas, so it's important to carry out regular checks - especially ahead of the school summer holidays.

The expert referenced statistics from CO Gas Safety that highlight how carbon monoxide is responsible for killing 40 people each and every year, while also causing harm and lasting health damage to a further 300.

It is so hard to detect this gas because it is both odourless and colourless, and can be released by faulty appliances such as fridges, heaters and ovens.

Mr Leech added: "Carbon monoxide can be lethal so it is vital that caravanners check their appliances thoroughly before heading away this summer. Investing in a carbon monoxide alarm ensures that any poisonous gas is detected before it is too late."