"Coolest caravan ever" explained

If you're firmly of the belief that caravans are not moving with the times and you need something completely new and eye-opening to sway your judgement, a Czech engineering student may have just created something that will finally win you over and have you looking into caravan insurance in a matter of minutes.
Autoblog reported on the Odorico Pordenone, designed by Brno University of Technology student Jakub Novak. Its main selling point, apart from its stunning looks, is the ability for the high-concept offering to extend outwards and expand the minimalist living space.

The Odorico - named after an Italian traveller from the medieval period, no less - was nominated for the Czech National Award for Student Design 2011, and prides itself on simply offering something completely different from its rivals. 

It also offers users a "modern-looking living space" that still reflects the needs of a small space providing a bedroom, kitchen and living area, all the while incorporating mystifying features such as a large rear glass area, plenty of storage space and seating that can be converted for up to four people.

While it may only be a prototype, "there's every chance it could be picked up and manufactured," said Autoblog, "although no doubt for the sort of ludicrous price that could only attract supercar owners".