Fastest ever motorhome breaks world record

Most drivers want to go fast, yet if they're a motorhome or caravan owner, chances are they never really get the opportunity - if they're indulging their passion, at least. However, one company in Germany has gone above and beyond to prove that people may be able to hit ridiculous speeds on a motorhome holiday - that is to say, with the right equipment.

Goldschmitt Techmobil AG, working with Westfalia Mobil GmbH, smashed the world record for the fastest motorhome by hitting a top speed of 222 km/h (137.9 mph) in a Mercedes-Benz Viano Westfalia RV. The popular German company beat its own record of 207 km/h (128.6 mph), which was registered in 2010 with a Goldschmitt-tuned Fiat Ducato Hymer AG motorhome.

The Goldschmitt team - consisting of Norbert Brenner, Mike Reuer and Dieter Schmitt - went about their task differently this time around, retaining the RV's interior instead of gutting it to reduce weight. Indeed, it would be the direct improvements to the vehicle's chassis and engine tuning that would get the results desired - the company even left the pop-up roof in place.

Of course, driving that fast would undoubtedly nullify a caravan insurance policy if things went awry, though if you're on the German autobahn on a motorhome holiday abroad in the future, you may get the chance to try it yourself - after all, there aren't any speed limits on certain stretches of the country's motorways!