Four-wheel drive cars 'are better for towing caravans'

People with touring caravan insurancewho are on the lookout for a new car may wish to consider a four-wheel drive, following recent comments.
The author of an article for Girlracer stated the recent heavy snowfall has demonstrated that these vehicles are "the most sensible buy".

And aside from snow and ice, four-wheel drives are more practical, particularly for families who enjoy staycation holidays in the UK and need "versatile transport" that has the ability to tow a trailer or caravan, the contributor continued.

The writer was reviewing a Hyundai ix35 car, which is described as a crossover model, as it combines aspects of SUVs and conventional family hatchbacks.

"Its compact length of 4.4 metres with five seats, five doors and high up command seating positions makes this a thoroughly modern and appealing purchase," the article concluded.

And tourer owners may also wish to heed the advice of Kuhmo Tyres before setting off on a trip this winter, as it recommended checking that the tyres of caravans, trailers and cars are in good condition.

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