Holiday demographics in the UK 'continue to evolve'

While many people renew their caravan insurance in order to take their kids on a cheap but very cheerful trip around Britain - often doing a channel hop to sample the delights of the continent - it seems that children of a younger age are getting their fill of holidays further afield.
New research from Teletext Holidays has revealed that the most common holiday destinations for kids in the modern age include Spain, France and Greece - quite a surprise when you consider that the same survey discovered that 65 per cent of children hadn't been on holiday abroad at all by the age of ten just 30 years ago.

In the research, 3,000 Brits found that children in the 1970s and 80s would not have headed abroad until they were in secondary school, while now you barely have to be in primary school - the average age is now just four years and nine months. 

Managing director of Teletext Holidays Victoria Sanders said that caravanning and domestic holidays remain popular, yet youngsters are much more privileged in their travel destinations nowadays.

"There has been a definite shift in the ways parents approach holidays these days," she said. "Parents are becoming more adventurous than ever before, thinking nothing of travelling with pushchairs, toys and car seats."