More people 'choosing caravans for holidays'

In light of a still-worrying economic outlook for 2012, one leisure sector is clearly doing very well for itself: caravanning. The Caravan and Motorhome Show is to open this month and will provide some fantastic reasons for people to use these mobile homes as a central part of their holiday. The Manchester Evening News looked into the trend that will be hosted by the aforementioned event.
The report explained that while many people and organisations are facing a tough time with the chance of yet another recession - and the Eurozone proves to be one of the most volatile places for money - the industry is becoming a great go-to for those looking to save a few more pennies during their jollies.

Sam North, director of the Caravan and Motorhome Show, said that the event to be hosted at Manchester's EventCity complex reflects the renewed interest in a holidaying style that marks a major change on the traditional breaks that people are taking - and perhaps a little bit sick of.

He continued: "There are more and more restrictions at airports, the euro is not what it was, [and] the cost of air travel is increasing. There are lots of reasons for people to choose to holiday in the UK, and it's possible to make your decision that little bit later if you have a caravan sitting on the drive at home, rather than having to commit yourself to a big spend months ahead of time."