NI police offers caravan safety tips

To avoid claiming on a caravan insurance policy any time in the near future, it's worth taking into account a few top tips to protect your asset. Luckily, Judith Lavery - a crime prevention officer in Northern Ireland - has offered advice to locals and Britons alike, ensuring that caravans are properly secured when they aren't occupied. 

Speaking to the Ballymoney Times, she said that it is important to leave nothing valuable on display; all valuables ought to be taken with you when leaving a caravan, or at least locked up and out of sight. Curtains should also be left open, so intruders can no valuables are there to be taken. 

Security markings should also be used where possible. Things like laptops and televisions ought to be marked with a postcode and house number with a simple UV marker, so you can be identified as the owner of any possible recovered property. 

Finally, get to know your neighbours. Ms Lavery said that people can help each other look after caravans when they are vacant. 

"Caravans may be more vulnerable than houses but that doesn't mean you can't make your property secure," said Ms Lavery. "I urge caravan owners to take a few practical crime prevention steps to reduce your chances of being a victim of crime. 

"If you notice anything untoward in your caravan park, note down any important details such as a description or vehicle registration and contact police immediately on 999."