Some cars 'are not suitable' for towing caravans

Not all cars are rated as suitable for towing caravans, it has been claimed.

Martin Spencer, technical manager for the Caravan Club, which represents the interests of more than one million caravan enthusiasts, trailer tent owners and motor caravanners, noted smaller vehicles - such as some sports motors and almost all electric/hybrid models - should not be used for this purpose.

The industry figure explained a number of designs cannot be fitted with a towbar, due mainly to production volumes and the various ways they have been manufactured.

He added: "The overwhelming majority of normal cars can not only tow, however, but when matched to an appropriate caravan, can actually tow very well."

People do not require a large estate or a big four-wheel drive in order to successfully pull their tourer, they simply need a car that is heavy and powerful enough to handle the weight of the caravan.

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