Stealth Caravans 'can be used all year round'

Individuals looking for a tourer that can be used all year round may find the models from Stealth Caravans fit the bill.
The designs have been awarded a Grade Three insulation rating, which means they are habitable throughout the year in almost all weather conditions and various climates, the Caravan Times reports.

Vehicles that qualify for the status are required to maintain an interior temperature of 20 degrees C - regardless of the conditions outside - and managing director of Stealth Caravans Alex Murphy noted the Truma Combi heating system gives the company an advantage in this regard.

He added: "All of this makes the Stealth Caravan a comfortable tourer all year round and this has been recognised by the National Caravans Council's latest rounds of tests and inspections."

As well as the heating system, the manufacturer also offers another unique system - as customers are able to personalise their caravan by selecting from a number of exterior colours.

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