Study finds 6.5k people live in Lincolnshire caravans

More than 6,500 people spend part or all of the year living in caravans on the Lincolnshire coast.
This is according to a new report by Sheffield Hallam on behalf of the University East Lindsey District Council, the East Coast Target reports.

It estimates some 3,500 households spend on average five-to-six months on the coastline, with 40 per cent of these being in effect full-time residents.

The reason behind the creation of the document is to help the local authority improve its disaster planning and emergency procedures.

Stuart Davy, deputy chief executive of the council - which recently proposed injecting £1.5 million in to rural projects in the area - stated: "We will now go through the detail of this study with our partners to look at how the information can be used to make our emergency plans more robust."

In the 2001 Census, only 550 individuals were recorded as living in caravans.

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