The benefits of winter caravan storage

The onset of winter is likely to see most caravan owners packing their tourers away until the warmer weather resumes again in 2012 - yet the question of what to do with your vehicles over this time should be answered sooner rather than later.
While many people may be tempted to store their caravans in a garage or on their driveway or garden, there are many benefits associated with placing caravans in a professional storage unit.

Storage benefits

The advantages of placing a tourer in a professional storage unit over the colder months are plentiful.

Knowing their vehicle is being kept in a high security facility will not only provide peace of mind for owners worried about the threats posed by thieves, but the move can also free up much-needed space for other storage uses.

With the Christmas period looming, space can be at a premium and owners may prefer to store their tourers away from the home at a time when family and friends are visiting.

Choosing a storage facility

Selecting a suitable place to keep your caravan over winter is an important decision and is one that should not be taken lightly. If you choose to place your caravan in a storage site, it is recommended that you use a site that is recognised by the Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association (CaSSOA).

Ted Young, site inspector at CaSSOA, noted that "The thing you should look out for first of all is security - you should look to see that the protection is up to the required standard."

A CaSSOA approved site is highly recommended and their ratings of Bronze, Silver and Gold can give caravan owners an idea of what to expect from the locations.

The awards give owners reassurance that the facilities meet certain standards, taking into account a number of factors - including perimeter fencing protection, access control, CCTV surveillance, security lighting, fire protection and danger notices, among others.

As explained by Mr Young: "The Gold award sites are more technical and the installation up to a higher standard."

The importance of insurance

In addition to selecting a worthy storage facility, caravan enthusiasts must also make sure they keep their vehicle insured at all times, regardless of whether or not it is in use.

Mr Young noted it remains a simple fact that should a tourer be stolen and it is not insured, the owner will not recoup any money.

The expert observed a tourer should be protected irrespective of its state of use, explaining: "Whereas caravanning may be a seasonal activity, criminal behaviour is an all year round activity - criminal behaviour never stops."

"So [despite] the fact that your caravan is in storage - even though it's a secure site - there still is the possibility that something may happen to it and if you're not insured, you have got to stand the loss," he pointed out.

One insurance provider to have recently signed up to become a corporate member of CaSSOA is Simple Caravan Insurance, which offers insurance discounts to caravans stored at affiliated sites - up to ten per cent for Gold awards, five per cent for Silver and 2.5 per cent for Bronze sites.

These discounts, along with Simple Caravan's already competitive premiums, make them one of the cheapest insurance providers for caravans stored at CaSSOA approved sites.

The membership will also see Simple Caravan Insurance working with CaSSOA to find further ways in which they can meet the needs of storage sites and caravan owners.