TyreSafe: Caravans and motorhomes need checking

Easter's nearly here, though there are a few things that caravan insurance customers need to check if they're going to avoid the possibility of a claim, given that the long weekend is regularly seen as one of the first-ever chances to use a motorhome. 
TyreSafe has recommended that caravan and motorhome owners give their tyres a thorough test to avoid any possibility of a breakdown or extensive damage. This is because the long winter will make tyres even more vulnerable to rubber degradation. 

It claimed that UV rays penetrate tyres, affecting the rubber that provides both resilience and flexibility and leading to the possibility of a high speed blow-out. Vehicle owners need to also pay attention to the tread and sidewall areas, according to TyreSafe, as cracking may require a tyre replacement. Foreign objects embedded in the tyre also need to be removed. 

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: "Exposure to the elements for long periods without movement can be a real cause of rubber damage to caravan tyres, often seen by cracking or a drop in pressure. Therefore it's vital to ensure that the tyres are properly inspected before use and correctly maintained." 

"With the correct care and attention your tyres will help to ensure you arrive at your holiday destination safely, without disruption and with minimal cost."