Vehicle safety to improve in the EU?

Caravans could become part of an upcoming initiative to improve the standards of road safety in Europe. The European Commission, noting that five people die on Europe's roads every day due to the technical failure of their vehicles, has announced that it is adopting new regulations to improve testing of cars, lorries and more.

Technical defects, the organisation claimed, are responsible for six per cent of all car accidents; this means upwards of 2,000 fatalities each year. Additionally, eight per cent of all motorcycle accidents are also caused by mechanical failures.

Reflecting on recent research, the European Commission claimed that up to ten per cent of cars on the road at any point in time have a defect that will fail them on MOT tests. Given that existing EU rules for minimum standards of vehicle checks date back to 1977 with only several minor updates.

Vice President Siim Kallas, responsible for transport in the EU, said: "If you're driving a car which is not fit to be on the road, you're a danger to yourself and to everyone else in your car - your family, your friends, your business colleagues. What's more, you're a danger to all the other road users around you. It's not complicated; we don't want these potentially lethal cars on our roads."