Static Caravan Insurance

Simple Caravan Insurance offers great value Static Caravan Insurance with a wide range of cover, that's quick and easy to buy. 

Our static caravan insurance policies start from as little as £85*, so the cost of safeguarding your caravan could be less than you think.

Take a look at some of the Benefits you can enjoy with Simple:
Loss or Damage to the Caravan £40,000
Loss or Damage to Contents £10,000
New for Old Up to 5 Years
Alternative Accommodation £1,000
Accidental Damage to the Caravan £40,000
Accidental Loss of Keys and Damage to Locks £250
Freezer Food £200
Personal Accident £10,000
Public Liability £2 million

This is a summary of cover only showing the maximum benefits that are available to you. Full terms and conditions, details of exclusions, policy limits and excesses can be viewed in the Static Caravan Policy Booklet. Your individual Policy Limits can be seen on your Policy Schedule. *Static Caravan quote was obtained on the 29th April 2014 using the following criteria: Online quote. 2012 Willerby Granada caravan, Market Value £4,600 (no contents), stored on a licensed holiday caravan site (YO15 1EH), occupied 0-30 days per year, Caravan Club member, caravan owner 60 years old with a £250 excess.

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Discounts on Static Caravan Insurance

Simple's comprehensive caravan insurance delivers a valuable range of cover to protect you and Your Static Caravan, and offers a number of generous discounts, including:

  • Discounts for customers using an alarm on their caravan
  • Discounts for Caravan Club members

Making Static Caravan Insurance Easy

With Simple it's quick and easy to get a quote, buy a policy and manage your Static Caravan Insurance online.

  • Get a quote in under 2 minutes
  • It's easy to manage and renew your policy via the telephone
  • You can pay by Debit/Credit Card or monthly Direct Debit

Protect yourself with Simple's Static Caravan Insurance

Simple's Static Caravan Insurance policies are designed to offer you the protection you're looking for at an affordable price.

Our policies offer a comprehensive level of protection that includes:

Loss or Damage to your Static Caravan

Simple's ample Loss or Damage cover protects you against the potentially high costs of repairing your caravan in the event of a serious incident. It covers your caravan for an extensive list of perils including: fire, flood, burst pipes and theft.

Loss or Damage to your Caravan’s Contents

Up to £10,000 cover for the contents of your caravan in the event that they were damaged as the result of a serious incident such as a burst pipe, a fire or even theft.

New for Old cover

Simple Caravan Insurance can pay to replace your caravan on a New for Old basis if it is totally destroyed. The New for Old cover option is available for caravans up to 5 years old. Alternatively if your caravan is over 5 years old, or you are looking for a more competitive premium, Simple will cover your caravan on the basis of it's current market value.

Alternative Accommodation cover 

In the unfortunate event that your static caravan becomes uninhabitable due to an incident, Simple Caravan Insurance will cover the cost of alternative accommodation. We can also cover the cost of hiring an alternative caravan, so you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

Recovery and Delivery cover - Going the extra mile

If your static caravan becomes uninhabitable, Simple will not only help with the cost of repair, we’ll also help with the cost of transporting your caravan for repair and returning it when the work has been done.

Accidental Damage cover - Panels and windows

From time to time, accidents happen; it’s a fact. When they do, Simple offer cover for your caravan’s panels, including the glass in your windows and doors.

Accidental Loss of Keys and Damage to Locks cover

There’s nothing worse than loosing the keys to your Static Caravan, or having them stolen. However, if this happens to you while you’re away then Simple Caravan Insurance will pay for the cost of replacement keys and locks if necessary, to make sure that you are able to access and secure your caravan.

Freezer Food Cover

Simple Caravan endeavour to offer you the best caravan insurance that we can. That means covering the small as well as the hazards you face. So our policy will also cover the loss of, or damage to the food you keep in the caravans freezer.

Personal Accident cover - Protecting your family

In the unfortunate event that you or your family have an accident and are seriously injured in or around your caravan while you’re enjoying it; Simple Caravan Insurance could help with up to £10,000 of cover.

Public Liability cover

If you or someone you lend your Static Caravan to injures a member of the public, causes their death or causes damage to someone’s property in the event of an accident, then we will cover you for up to £2 million to cover any compensation or legal costs you may be exposed to as a result.

Please take a look at our Static Caravan Policy Booklet for full details of all cover areas and exclusions.

At Simple Caravan Insurance we always work hard to provide you with the best Static Caravan Insurance that we can, at the most affordable price. So get a quote today and see what Simple can do for you.

Why choose Simple?

  • Any driver cover as standard
  • New for old cover
  • Discounts for Caravan Club members
  • Spread the cost by Monthly Direct Debit